Ematelier Enamel Dials For Rolex Replica Watches

Watch company archives have been extensively mined over the previous years for inspiration in the 1950s and 1960s, with virtually no iconic dial left un-reissued. One category of neo-vintage layout left unexplored, however, is that the enamel dial — a craft that elevated the watch dial into the level of fine art in the 1950s.

The enamel dials made by  Rolex Watch Band 045 Replica in the mid-20th century are among the rarest and most valuable in the entire world — and also the funniest. Until now.Ematelier Enamel Dials For Rolex Replica Watches

But they’re as time-consuming and difficult to create since the originals. “This concept and these dials are certainly not for everybody,” states Ematelier’s Alex Landa. “Our clients thus far have experienced a strong affinity specifically for watches with tooth dials and for rare and special pieces. These bespoke dials originated from custom requests, and have since been driven by the desires of our clients.”

The 1950s represented the heyday of cloisonné enamel dial art, but it does not indicate the dials were being churned out in huge amounts. The couple brands making them in that time — Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Omega, for instance — only produced a few hundred in total during the 20 years that they were being made, by the late 1940s to the 1960s. Few artisans were effective at producing them. 40 MM ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL AIR-KING REPLICA WATCH worked mostly with Geneva enamel artists Charles Poluzzi and, sometimes, with Stern Frères, and in particular a artist named Nelly Richards. The main themes were Viking boats or caravels, maps, peacocks, Neptune, and dragons.Ematelier Enamel Dials For Rolex fake Watches